Day 13 - Sea day: horizontal style

Another day at sea, another day of prone bodies everywhere.  This is only our second day of rest while on this trip and it’s well deserved.  The decks were once again covered in people stretched out on chaise lounges, reading, sleeping or watching a movie on the big screen.
After a bit of a sleep in, a big breakfast, and some time with my book (The Help – fabulous story!)  I headed off for a massage to soothe my aching body – walking might be good for you, but pounding the cobblestones for six hours a day or more, day after day, can take its toll! The rest of the girls watched a movie on deck and snoozed. 

In my attempt to pack light, it turns out I didn’t bring enough clothes to deal with the heat – so it was off to do laundry again. Coincidently, I ran into Sara in the elevator off to do the same thing so we share a washing machine and cut our wait times. But next cruise I’ll bring a bigger suitcase and bring more clothes just to avoid the waits in the Laundromat.

Of course, no day would be complete without my customary dip in the pool and soak in the hot tub, and then it was time for dinner. 
Our at sea days are also the formal dining nights on the ship, so tonight we dressed in our finer duds and enjoyed a fine lobster dinner. 

After dinner, we headed back out on deck for a movie under the stars.  While the movie was nothing special (Something Borrowed), lying on chaise lounges, under a dark Mediterranean sky, wrapped in heated flannel blankets with the salt breeze on our cheeks wasn’t a bad way to cap off the night.

The tough part was when the movie ended and we had to climb out of our cozy blanket nests and face the cool night air in our flimsy formal finery to make our way to our rooms. It’s a tough life. J