Day 8 - At sea: and then we rested

We have two days at sea during our cruise. Today was our first, and we spent the day bobbing along on the water and doing very little. It was heavenly!  After seven days of non-stop touring, as exciting as it was, we were ready for a rest.

The temp was a beautiful 27 C as the ship headed southward, rounding the toe of Italy into the Ionian Sea on the way to Greece.

I spent the morning at the spa, getting a massage and pedi.  When I emerged on deck a few hours later, all I could see was prone bodies everywhere.  People were sleeping, reading, watching movies under the sun, soaking in the hot tub ... apparently we all needed a rest. I soon joined them.

A few hours later, it was time to rouse ourselves for dinner -- tonight was one of our two formal nights.  So, we put on our best digs, and had a scrumptous dinner.

Carolina sampling a lovely Chianti
Roisin and her crab and melon appetizer

Pate ... mmmm!

Sara's champagne gelato -- heavenly!